Ever Wonder What Your Carbon Footprint Is?

With all the talk of climate change and carbon footprints, it’s important to learn how your everyday activities are contributing to the climate crisis. Here are 3 quick tools that quantify your carbon footprint and offer suggestions on how to reduce your impact.

The EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator – This comprehensive calculator from the United States Environmental Protection Agency takes in to consideration your home energy usage, your transportation demands, and your waste to provide an estimated carbon footprint for US residents. EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Ecological Footprint Quiz – Earth Day Network created this fun animated quiz to help users understand the quantity of Earths that would be required to sustain the current level of consumption in various locations around the globe. Enter basic information on your diet, energy usage, and transportation habits to see the impact your current consumption patterns are having on the planet! (helpful hint: you may want to mute the audio on this one!) EDN Carbon Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator – This calculator from The Nature Conservancy allows you to measure the impact of yourself or your entire household. Just one more option for finding out how much carbon your lifestyle emits!TNC Carbon Calculator.JPEG

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