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Ponds on the Ocean

Sea-Level Rise Due to Polar Ice-Sheet Mass Loss During Past Warm Periods

A. Dutton, A.E. Carlson, A.J. Long, G.A. Milne, P.U. Clark, R. DeConto, B.P. Horton, S. Rahmstorf, M.E. Raymo
Published July 10 2015 in Science

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“Interdisciplinary studies of geologic archives have ushered in a new era of deciphering magnitudes, rates, and sources of sea-level rise from polar ice-sheet loss during past warm periods. Accounting for glacial isostatic processes helps to reconcile spatial variability in peak sea level during marine isotope stages 5e and 11, when the global mean reached 6 to 9 meters and 6 to 13 meters higher than present, respectively. Dynamic topography introduces large uncertainties on longer time scales, precluding robust sea-level estimates for intervals such as the Pliocene. Present climate is warming to a level associated with significant polar ice-sheet loss in the past. Here, we outline advances and challenges involved in constraining ice-sheet sensitivity to climate change with use of paleo–sea level records.”

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Silky Shark

Deep-Sea Cameras Reveal Sharkcano

July 12, 2015 • Biodiversity, Recent, Reposted Articles, Wildlife • Views: 2125

By Carolyn Barnwell National Geographic For the full story, click HERE   July 9 2015 – “Nobody actually knows how often Kavachi erupts,” says Phillips, referring to it actively “spewing hot lava, ash, and steam up in to the air.” Even without such theatrics it’s a dangerous place.

California Drought

Israel’s Revolutionary Water Management Methods Aren’t Going To Be Enough To Solve California’s Devastating Drought

July 3, 2015 • Extreme Weather, International Issues, Reposted Articles, Water • Views: 8630

Christopher Woody Business Insider For the full story, click HERE. June 15 2015 – “National efforts to desalinate seawater and recycle wastewater have enabled the Mediterranean country, which is more than half desert, to satisfy its water needs even in times of drought — though that

GRACE Water Aquifer Stress Levels

Quantifying Renewable Groundwater Stress with GRACE

June 27, 2015 • Reports & Studies, Reposted Articles, Water • Views: 1367

Alexandra S. Richey, Brian F. Thomas, Min-Hui Lo, John T. Reager, James S. Famiglietti, Katalyn Voss, Sean Swenson, Matthew Rodell Published June 16 2015 in Water Resources Research Full Study Abstract: “Groundwater is an increasingly important water supply source globally. Understanding the


Genomic Determinants of Coral Heat Tolerance Across Latitudes

June 27, 2015 • Climate, Reports & Studies, Reposted Articles • Views: 1366

Groves B. Dixon, Sarah W. Davies, Galina A. Aglyamova, Eli Meyer, Line K. Bay, Mikhail V. Matz Published June 26 2015 in Science Full Study Abstract: “As global warming continues, reef-building corals could avoid local population declines through “genetic rescue” involving exchange of

“The Sioux Chef” dishes on the past — and future — of Native American cuisine

June 24, 2015 • Agriculture, Food & Nutrition, Recent, Reposted Articles • Views: 1199

By Madeleine Thomas For the full story, click HERE June 24 2015 – “Indigenous Native American cuisine is hard to come by in mainstream dining. Sure, bison burgers and fry bread tacos pop up on menus and roadside stands here and there, but those dishes barely begin to tell the

Fracking Banned in NY State

N.Y. Fracking Report Gains Environmentalists Praise, Business Interests Scorn

June 24, 2015 • Energy, Fossil Fuels, Recent, Reposted Articles • Views: 1543

By David Bertola Buffalo Business First For the full story, click HERE May 14 2015 – “To the dismay of those in the business community and in the oil and gas industry — but to the delight of environmentalists — a state agency released a report Wednesday saying that a seemingly infinite

Energy and Climate Change

World Energy Outlook Special Report on Energy and Climate Change

June 23, 2015 • Climate, Reports & Studies, Reposted Articles • Views: 1357

International Energy Agency Published June 15 2015 Full Report Executive Summary Foreword: “We face a moment of opportunity, but also of great risk. The world is counting on the UN climate talks in Paris later this year to achieve a global agreement that puts us on a more sustainable path. As

How Kenneth Lander and THRIVE Farmers Are Revolutionizing the Coffee Supply Chain

June 23, 2015 • Agriculture, Farming, Recent, Reposted Articles • Views: 24668

By Janina Grabs Food Tank For the full story, click HERE June 11 2015 – THRIVE Farmers International has an ambitious goal: to fundamentally revolutionize the mainstream coffee supply chain, which has many middlemen and a strong reliance on volatile commodity markets. THRIVE supports

Floating Wind Turbines

How Hawaii Could Finally Make Floating Wind Farms A Reality

June 21, 2015 • Energy, Recent, Renewable Energy, Reposted Articles • Views: 1495

By James Cave The Huffington Post For the full story, click HERE June 19 2015 – During the Hawaii Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force meeting earlier this month, government and industry agencies discussed two proposals to build more than 100 turbines off the island of Oahu. The U.S.