Silky Shark

Deep-Sea Cameras Reveal Sharkcano

By Carolyn Barnwell
National Geographic
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July 9 2015 – “Nobody actually knows how often Kavachi erupts,” says Phillips, referring to it actively “spewing hot lava, ash, and steam up in to the air.”

Even without such theatrics it’s a dangerous place. “Divers who have gotten close to the outer edge of the volcano have had to back away because of how hot it is or because they were getting mild skin burns from the acid water.”

So the team strategically deployed their instruments—including disposable robots, underwater cameras, and National Geographic’s deep-sea Drop Cam—to get a broad look at the whole volcano, including what the bottom looks like. Their biggest surprise was that hammerheads and silky sharks showed up on their deep-sea Drop Cam footage—in numbers (Related story: Sleeper Shark Pops Up in Unexpected Place).


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